The Square that took too long….

I’m putting Doctor Who on hold because it’s making me crazy to try to work on two at the same time. This Nightmare Before Christmas square took me way too long to finish in part because I was trying to do both at once.
I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out. I used thin cord to make the hill 3D. I drew the hill on to the square and then stitched the cord to the square bit by slow bit.


This next squares were much easier to complete.






Someday I’m going to learn to just stick with one project at a time.
That day isn’t coming anytime soon though!

Return to The Doctor

It has been a crazy couple of months and not so great for posting time. With the kids out of school, we’ve been running around to the lake, the library, parks and a 2 week trip back east to see family.
I’m still working on both quilts but not at the pace that I did with Harry Potter.
I’m also struggling with the way some of the squares are turning out. I may have to redo some of what I’ve already finished because I just can’t stomach including something I think is awful!





In Flight Work

My husband and I went to Vegas for the weekend- our anniversary weekend. We had such a great time and it was great to get away but I so missed our kids!
We actually took Flat Stanley with us for Josie’s class. He got his picture taken with Penn and Teller and everywhere we went, people knew who he was. That was kind of cool.
The flights were fairly short but I did manage to get a few things done in that time.



I had a hard time with threads that kept knotting while I was stitching but I still can’t figure out how to stop it. Even keeping my finger along the threads while stitching only works when the thread I’m working is long and only for part of it. (If that makes sense). Now that I’m home, maybe I’ll have more room to see why and figure out a fix for the knots.

Complete plus one

So I had promised myself I would finish those three timed projects before I did anything else and I had fully intended to stick to that. Then one of my husband’s coworkers had a baby. So. That changed things- just a little.
But I got it all done!
First up the surprise baby quilt and it’s pretty wrapping:



Then the baby quilt I made for the teenager’s choir auction. I fully admit that I didn’t really like this one. It’s too washed out for me. But it is what she picked.


The baby quilt I made for the little ones school auction. I loved this one! That soft gray with those bright bits of color.. Love!

And finally, the read themed lap quilt I made for David’s book-themed class auction basket. The books are all things they have been reading in class this year:



Since I got that done, I went ahead and started sketching out some squares for breanna’s Nightmare Before Christmas quilt:




And now I am back on track and my little fingers are busy busy busy- but not overwhelmed- again!

The Slump

Whenever I get too overwhelmed, I shut down. There has been so much I need to be working on that I started dreaming about stitches, patterns and fabrics and the sound of my machine at full blast. So I stepped away from it all for a little while.
I put aside some of the things I’d been working on so now I can finish the quilts I have a deadline for.
I swear, I am getting back on track, slowly, and I’m not taking anything else on until I finish my next 3 projects!
In the meantime, I did get a few squares done on my ‘secret’ project that I can share!



Guess WHO is next….

I’m actually working on two embroidered quilt projects at the same time so, I know this will take me a bit longer. The second quilt is a going to be a surprise for Breanna that I hope to have finished in time for Christmas.
The one I’m really excited about, and actually have made a little progress on is going to be for Josie. My sweet 6 year old who thinks Amy Pond is the coolest chick ever.